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About Us

support Coordination

ACTS3 has been providing Support Coordination and Recovery Coaching for over 2 years across Victoria and New South Wales.  We have in depth technical knowledge of all things NDIS, from access to implementation, to planning, reviews, extensions and beyond.

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Expert Knowledge

All our support Coordinators undergo extensive training in everything NDIS including but not limited to;

Unscheduled reviews,

Order of Extensions,

service & technical requests

Face to Face supports

All our Coordinators and Recovery Coaches regularly attend participants homes for face to face appointments, in ALL Metro & Rural Areas

Office Meeting

Participants also choose ACTS3 because we:


  • are experts in the mental health system and psychosocial disability 

  • will continue care even when funding is uncertain until a solution can be found to ensure continuity of care

  • make referrals and linkages to local supports, groups and services based on extensive local knowledge

  • have an on-call service so participant’s always feel supported

  • advocate strongly for their best interests with NDIA and external providers

  • have no wait times and connect with client within the day

  • empower participants to choose the coordinator or recovery coach they want considering background (including culture, traditions, and language), personality, location, strengths et al.

  • have small caseloads so attentions are not divided

Lived Experience

In addition to being highly skilled, all our psychosocial recovery coaches have come from real life experiences to better understand and empathise with our client cohort. 

Every Language

We have support coordinators who speak multiple languages including Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Vietnamese, Thai and if we don't have someone in person we'll find a translator at no additional expense to our client.

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